Berlin Counterpoint

Berlin Counterpoint

… the group began to demonstrate its great technical capacity in elaborate interpretations where nothing was left to improvisation – culminating in Poulenc’s Sextet, a work that juxtaposes passages of great melodic beauty with frenetic rhythmic movement, performed to perfection by this Counterpoint from Berlin. The future looks promising for a group which is eager to play and transmits music profusely.
- Diario de Jerez, October 29, 2011

Berlin Counterpoint was “fully present,” performing with alert senses and virtuosic verve. The Berlin-based musicians know how to display the particular esprit of French music for winds brilliantly.
- Die Glocke, September 14, 2011

Berlin Counterpoint is an ensemble predestined for triumph. Added to their inherent youthful spontaneity, they possess large doses of talent and excellent technical training…
-, July 22, 2011

“Berlin Counterpoint” distinguished itself with perfectly articulated and dynamic playing, notable also for mutual attention and quick reactions.
- Braunschweiger Zeitung, January 4, 2011

Ludwig Thuille’s Sextet carried us into the combined worlds of Brahms, Wagner and Richard Strauss, where the idyllic sensuality achieved in the Larghetto and the ineffable gracefulness of the Gavotte stood out particularly.
- El Mercantil Valenciano, December 15, 2010

 “Even though I am naturally biased towards Berlin Counterpoint, I was not prepared for the level of joy, commitment and refinement that they bring to their work. They are an unusual combination and they have made it their mission to explore little known repertory as well as revivifying established masterpieces. They are a real shot in the arm to the chamber music scene, and deserve every kind of support.”
- Sir Simon Rattle, November 2010